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  • Means Personnel.
    - Q.C Engineer (Laboratory Manager)1
    - Technicians (per shift)6
    - Ass. Lab technicians (Labors)2
  • Equipment.

    Better MIX shall provide the batching plant laboratory with all the necessary equipment and hardware capable to achieve all the routine and/or suitability tests on the raw materials supplied for concreting also to conduct all the necessary tests that monitor the fresh concrete properties.

    These equipment's may include but are not limited to the following:

    • Sieves complying with the B.S. and/or ASTM for fine and coarse aggregates.
    • Automatic oven and/or plate heater or electronic microwave whichever is available.
    • 150*150 cubic molds + Compacting rods and/or vibrators.
    • Slump. & Flow test cones
    • Digital Balances.
    • Thermometers for measuring both; ambient and concrete temperatures.
    • Crushing Machine 2000kn (ELE)
    • Specific gravity
    • Concrete Air content.
    • Mortar Cubes.
    • Flakiness & Olengation.
    • Sand Equivelant 
    • Metallic trays
    • Metallic buckets
    • Glass or Acrylic Plates.
    • Plastic buckets.
    • Trowels, Shovels and Scoops.
    • Graduated flasks.
    • Meter and or metallic rulers.
    • Tamping rods.
    • The Batching Plant Laboratory and Quality organization are provided by  Better MIX.
    • Inspection and test plan provide the tests to be performed.
    • The original of these forms shall be filed by and under the responsibility of the Laboratory Manager and shall be handed over to the QC/QA upon QC/QA request, for filing in the Final File of Achievement.
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